Celebrate Community Partners was instrumental in the successful completion of our Blueprint to End Hunger campaign – the most significant human service project to ever occur in Sonoma County. The CCP’s involvement was valuable in two ways: First was the financial support provided, but equally valuable was making the issue of hunger important. As leaders in the community, CCP’s investment of finances and compassion inspired others to join the effort.

Schools Plus
In 2010, the SRCS board announced the elimination of high school sports, spring 2011. As twice before, Schools Plus rallied to save the programs, a daunting challenge. The first and immediate response to provide support was the Celebrate Community Partnership. Since then Celebrate Community’s support has been a positive and critical force in our efforts to save and maintain music, art and athletics in Santa Rosa’s public schools.

cmnblogopantoneFINAL021014The support of the Children’s Museum by the Celebrate Community Partnership has been invaluable. In sponsoring the Tidepool Waterplay exhibit in TOTopia, the Celebrate Community Partnership allows children to develop gross motor and inquiry skills and encourages families to explore interactive play together. The donation of free ads to the Children’s Museum reduces marketing costs and allows the museum to reallocate resources to program development and outreach to the underserved. – Collette Michaud, Founder and CEO of the Children’s Museum of Sonoma County


Thank you to the Celebrate Community Partnership for your continued support of Social Advocates for Youth! Thanks to your capital support of the SAY Finley Dream Center, we were able to help 242 young people into safe and stable housing last year. The marketing donation allows us to reach our community on a scale we would not otherwise be able to with our limited resources – we have been able to grow our monthly tours of the Dream Center, reach new fundraising records at our SAY Soirée and share the stories of our youth. Thank you for helping us to raise the awareness about youth homelessness, and the work SAY is doing. Our youth are lucky to have you as a partner. – Social Advocates for Youth

The incredible generosity of the Celebrate Community Partners provides us with the ability to reach the community and tell our story in a way we can’t afford as a nonprofit. We are very proud that the partners find Chop’s Teen Club to be a valued resource for our teen community.

Concil on Aging

We absolutely could not do this work if not for the generous support of this extraordinary community. — Marrianne McBride, President and CEO

RUPWith the support of the Celebrate Community Partners, the doors of the new Roseland University Prep campus will open in Fall of 2017. Our students and families are grateful for the Partners’ belief in their futures, and many of our alumni who are graduating from college are already returning to our community with hopes of following in the steps of this generous philanthropic example.